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The Easy Way Group is committed to providing quality from concept to completion and to ensure that we always remain on track we have drawn up a series of rules against which every decision we make is judged.
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Meet Our Team

Construction Manager:

Adrian Mathews

Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge to the construction world. Born into a family that ran it’s own business in the construction industry for numerous years. Adrian not only ended up working in the family business, such was his passion for the industry that he purchased the business from his Parents when they decided to retire.

Adrian still owns that business today whilst taking over as the construction manager for Easy Way Homes.

He has studied teaching and worked as a manager in the hospitality industry, giving him a diverse outlook on life and one that allows him to relate to people from all walks of life.

Adrian has a real appreciation for the importance of client satisfaction and how that is gauged by our workers and the standard they deliver. He believes clear and honest communication is essential for any successful business.

Business Manager/Property Strategist:

Emmett Davidson

Emmett’s journey in the property market started 6 years ago when he made a phone call to a ‘Sick of Renting’ advert that changed his life forever.
Since then, Emmett has built numerous homes himself along with assisting many others in entering the property market and growing their property portfolio throughout Australia and New Zealand.
During this time, Emmett was able to identify some key challenges that most face during the building process. Below is just a few of those;
•    Deficiencies in building quality
•    Racing off to design your “dream home” only to find out it is way over your budget!
•    Massive differential in quotes & inclusions
•    Differences in financial institutions & lending requirements for everyone’s circumstances
•    Obtaining council approvals efficiently & cost effectively
•    Maximising the use of the land to reach the required energy ratings so that you can save money or add more back to your home
•     Draftsman and builder not working in cohesion
•    Lack of time to fully research and understand what you are and aren’t getting in your home
Emmett now works hand in hand with Michal and numerous approved building professionals to ensure we have the right builder for everyone’s desires.
He is passionate about guiding and helping people change their lives through property.

Client Advisor:

Tarlie Walker

Tarlie entered the world of property 7 years ago when she purchased her first investment property. She then continued to grow her portfolio by purchasing established homes and making improvements through renovating and selling for a profit.

Tarlie frustrations became evident though, when she found she had minimal time to go in and out of banks and receiving inconsistent information. It was difficult to find time to meet with builders, let alone them being on time for the appointments. Most of them had huge pricing differentials in quotes, and she struggled to find adequate time to go through them thoroughly to decipher what the differences were.
She thought “surely I am not the only person to feel this way?” and through conversations with many family and friends, she found that she was not alone in experiencing these challenges. Tarlie considers herself lucky to be able to work in an industry she loves and is excited to be able to guide people from all walks of life on their property journey.

Outside of the property world, Tarlie is a busy mum and also works as a registered nurse.


Michal Konik

Michal has fifteen years experience in the building industry working both in Tasmania and internationally for building and development companies such as GJ Gardner, Twin Ocean Properties and Easy Way Homes. Today,  Michal works in collaboration with Emmett  on many projects where he delivers truly customised one-off homes for clients. He is passionate about design and relishes the opportunity of working on challenging projects.